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The least these people could do is give the middle person both armrests. Everyone wins! Just wait a minute.

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The rule below is just out of sheer humanity. If a happy child is excited enough to see you that they wave at you, you wave back. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. Let the newlywed couple have the spotlight that day.

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Lord knows they probably spent a lot of money on the event too. Save your shining moment for another time. Everyone has insecurities, why make them worse? If someone is doing their best or putting an effort into something, never make fun of them or belittle them. A mean comment during a vulnerable time like that can last a lifetime.

If a bedroom door is closed and you knock on it without getting a response—why on earth would you proceed to open it? It could mean the person is sleeping, getting out of the shower, or having a private moment.

6 Common Unwritten Rules of the Workplace - The Muse

No response, no entering. Merging lanes seems to be one of the hardest concepts for drivers.

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People need to treat it like a zipper. Always put equipment back where you found it and, for the love of God, wipe off your sweat! Never, ever, ever ask a woman when her baby is due. I mean, who would put a soaking wet sponge back on the counter without squeezing it out first? That would just be plain ridiculous.

Top 10 Unwritten Rules in Baseball

Wring it out! Microwaved fish produces possibly the most ungodly stench to ever exist. Never use the communal kitchen fridge at your office to heat up fish. If they are, hold the door.

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Their smile or laugh is what they use to show joy and happiness. By making them feel insecure about it, it takes the warmth out of that joy and happiness, making them not want to do it anymore. Always try and be of service to others before yourself. Man fatally shot in St.

Unwritten rules in sport are slowly being phased out and becoming a thing of the past

Paul on Sunday night is city's 30th homicide. Klobuchar says a woman with Buttigieg's experience would not make it to debate stage. Vikings rise to challenge, knock off Cowboys Fleck says his style isn't for everyone, but the results are unbeaten. Trisha Yearwood salutes Prince, St. Cloud in overdue Minneapolis concert.

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Can Can Wonderland co-founder wants to turn St. Paul's Hamm's Brewery into artsy playground. U football, Andrew Wiggins: Can this weekend be bottled? Twins North Score: Why don't we try writing down the 'unwritten rules'?

First take: Michael Rand. More from Star Tribune. Vikings Vikings rise to challenge, knock off Cowboys 16 minutes ago. Gophers Gophers rise to No.

7 Unwritten Rules Of The Office Your Boss Will Never Tell You

Gophers One for the decades: Gophers stun Penn State, move to , set off a celebration November Local Memorial Day look back: This eagle photo touched our hearts August 10, Gophers Fleck says his style isn't for everyone, but the results are unbeaten November Minneapolis Serious crime is on the rise on Twin Cities light-rail trains November More From Star Tribune. More From Sports. Continue as Guest. Please enter a Username. I agree to the Terms of Service. Add me to the weekly newsletter. Add me to the daily newsletter.

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