Too Soon to Quit

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Do I have enough outlets for stress?

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Leaders need outlets for stress — things that recharge them and help them keep going. Those outlets, when used correctly, will often help you stay the course. Things like sleeping, sabbath, eating well, working out, community. All of these are incredibly important to staying the course. What led up to this season or desire to quit?

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Was there a leadership choice, a hire, a new launch that led to this season? Sometimes, we want to quit because we are running from something and a new opportunity or throwing in the towel is easier. What does my community look like?

It’s Always Too Soon to Quit - Pastor Rick's Daily Hope

Most sin happens in isolation. Community has a way of shining the light into places it needs to be.

Many leaders leave a place because of isolation and loneliness. What is my relationship with God like? Lastly, what is your relationship with God like?

Yet they produce for us a glory that vastly outweighs them and will last forever! They keep on keeping on. Faithful people are determined.

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Faithful people are diligent. Faithful people are persistent. You know how a little acorn becomes an oak tree?

An oak tree is just an acorn that refused to give up. God uses tough times to test our persistence.


When we started Saddleback, I preached the first sermon to one person: my wife. She thought it was too long.

And why isn’t this very ‘millennial’ question asked more often?

Refuse to give up and try your hardest; you never know who is watching. Your hard work and dedication could be the spark that was needed to light the dreams of those around you.

VLOG #42: Too soon to quit

Maybe you have children or siblings that look up to you. Be an inspiration. I have always believed that when relationships fail, it is usually because someone chooses not to show up in the fray.

When You’re Tempted to Quit Too Soon

The Apostle Paul wrote to a group of people who were thinking of giving up. An oak tree is just an acorn that refused to give up. Skip to content. Bible Passages. What's Next We would love to answer any question you have or help suggest next steps on your journey. Let us know about your decision.