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Flyingbird Technology Ltd. Visitors take photos of the Daijokyu, a set of halls built at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo, after the halls were opened to the public on Thursday. The site was created for the Daijosai thanksgiving ceremony and consists of nearly 40 large and small wooden structures on premises measuring 90 meters b Visitors take photos of the Daijokyu halls built at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo when they opened to the public on Thursday.

The halls were created for the Daijosai thanksgiving ceremony and consist o KYOTO — Kyoto Mayor Daisaku Kadokawa said at a regular press conference on Wednesday that the city will aim to curb construction of new accommodations in response to a sharp increase in the number o The number of South Koreans who visited in October fell 65 percent from a year A team consisting of about 20 experts from both Japan and abroad has embarked on a project to create a 3D model of Shuri Castle, which was destroyed in a fire in Naha.

The group has been seeking pe I want to consult you about my grandchildren. The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department received nearly 4 million items in including , articles of clothing and , pieces of identification. With more and more travelers visiting Japan and more people carrying smartphones, lost property is increasing: the National Police Agency reported Handling all this property takes speed and efficiency.

Each item gets a tag with a bar code and descriptive information such as brand name, color, and any contents.

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The property is quickly sorted and shelved by type: bags, clothing, eyeglasses, wallets, IDs, etc. On rainy days, the number of umbrellas surges, filling up several shelf racks, while seasonal items such as winter gloves and summer handkerchiefs are bundled into large bags for rapid processing.

Browsing the shelves, you can see omiyage local souvenirs, often sweets, given as gifts to coworkers and family , electronics in shopping bags, thermoses and bundles of hand towels. Sometimes, unusual articles are turned in: guitars, suitcases, chairs, knives. Wallets full of cash also come in. There are exceptions. Of the approximately 85, umbrellas received every year, plastic umbrellas are kept for two weeks and then discarded. In , the center received , items, an average of 1, items per day. Approximately 30 percent was successfully returned to owners.


It takes in some 2. Since some JR lines extend to other prefectures, items forgotten on trains sometimes have to be picked up at terminus or police stations in Chiba or Yamanashi prefectures. Lost property is handed to police within a week, and about 30 percent of items are successfully returned to owners.

Rail Live. Tokyo Shinkansen Station. JR East.

Lost property is gathered by railway staff, tagged, cataloged and kept for a few days at stations and centralized collection offices and then sent to police. Generally speaking, police discard lost property three months after receiving it. Report the loss as soon as possible to the appropriate railway operator, either in person or by calling see below for contact information.


You, or someone you appoint, will only have a few days to retrieve it from the operator; after that it will likely be transferred to police where it will be kept for three months. Depending on the rail operator, lost property may be sent to its lost and found office after one to three days. Contact them by phone or go there in person; email inquiries are generally not accepted. Some major railway companies like JR East have multilingual call centers for inquiries about lost property.

However, most companies only take calls in Japanese. You can inquire immediately.

Items are generally kept for about three days, sometimes a few more, before they are turned over to police. Centuries before basketball was invented, William Shakespeare reflected on the subject of greatness. The Great Bard once summed it up this way: "Be not afraid of greatness: some men are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them. Latin Bar Salsa offers Fukuoka's international community a place to enjoy music and food, and proprietors Natsumi Vanessa Hernandez and Yusei Maeda are planning a new project for December.

For Yukinori Yanagi, whose work from the late '80s and '90s featured ants burrowing through national flags made of sand, nature is not synonymous with an anthropomorphically friendly "harmony" or "balance"; it's disruption, chaos, decay and metastasis. The return to power of the Rajapaksa clan could redirect the country's geopolitical orientation toward China, a potentially important shift given the island's location astride vital sea lanes.

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