So You Think Youre Saved!

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To have a guilty conscience cleansed and to be free from its constant accusation is an experience, but it is not the cleansing of the conscience that saves you. It is faith in Christ that saves. A cleansed conscience is the effect of a right relationship with God. Joy is a feeling as well. So is inward peace. Love for others is a feeling. Concern for the lost is a feeling. But these feelings are not conversion.

Again, the only experience you can look for and expect is the experience of believing in Jesus Christ. It is a faith that brings about a way of life. Some have successfully imitated this way of life for a time, but for those who trust Christ for salvation, that faith brings about a desire to live out that inward experience of faith.

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What is God like? Is Jesus God?

Are You Saved? A Catholic Response to a Common Protestant Question

Is Jesus the only way to heaven? What is truth? Is the Bible true? What does it mean to be born again? If you struggled with doubts over your salvation, share your testimony in the comments.

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Those who are still struggling can use all the encouragement we can offer. All we need to do is keep learning, growing, and depending on Him. I'm here to provide practical advice and Biblical encouragement so you'll have the confidence and perspective to not only inspire your students but reach their hearts as well. I also struggled with this for many years. I think kids who are raised in Christian homes fight this.

We never have the dynamic testimony were we turn from a life of horrible sin. That is so true! I was raised in church all of my life, and both of my parents taught Sunday school and my dad was a preacher. Thank you for telling us about this! This has been me, too!

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I was raised going to church every time the door was open. I went to a Baptist church and was very sheltered.

Paul Thigpen

I struggled, like you did, after I asked the Lord into my heart. But I still struggle with the doubt and keep praying the just in case prayer. Its so encouraging to see that I am not the only one. This really helped me!!! Same here but as I read these comments I see more and more the works of the Devil. I noticed is everyone raised in a Christian home, for example growing up it was always said its the Pastor children that was the worst. It seems to me satan attack them harder.

In the Bible Jesus told Peter satan has desired to shift you like wheat but I pray that you dont lose faith! He didnt say I told him no dont do it. He saying dont lose faith in Me. I telling you this currently in the same struggle as you. But I will never give up. I am afraid but i will never give up. I am growing up in a Christian home, and we attend church regularly.

A couple years ago this dread set into me about getting saved. I prayed and prayed begging and asking God for forgiveness and to save my soul. The feeling went away but recently it has came back. I ask him to come into my heart.

Once Saved, Always Saved

I dont know how many times I have prayed this prayer. Like that spark or the sense of weights being lifted off. I pray and beg God for salvation on my knees in my bedroom, sometimes on the church Pew. Does it not count if its not at a later or done publicly? It does not matter whether you repent publicly or privately. You get saved when you repent, wherever it is.

I hear you. All of these are attacks by Satan. I am still struggling but I know I will come through stronger than ever and you will too.

How a Christian can Lose Salvation: 14 Step Plan

May God bless you. Thank you so much for sharing this. I tossed and turned as I prayed and asked God to show me what going on, and if I was lost. I did this for nearly an hour, and then I decided to read my bible and after I read for a chapter in Luke, I prayed some more, begging God to show me if I was saved. What an eye opener. I too was born and raised in the baptist church, and I still am baptist. And my dad is a preacher, so of course I have that clean slate testimony. But I do remember when Christ saved me. We have the duty of guarding our hearts and minds in Jesus, by fixing our eyes on Him and growing in the knowledge of His Word each day.

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Being in the flesh, we are weak and the devil is constantly after us. So, pursue the Word, trust God, for He is good, loving and faithful — He never lets His sheep go astray. We always have that confidence in Him. How did you start your relationship with Jesus? I was saved in a Pentacostal church in Australia, but now attend a Baptist church.