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Snakes can convey both beauty and menace in a single tongue flick and so these creatures have held a special place in our cultures.

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Yet, for as many meanings that we attribute to snakes, from fertility and birth to sin and death, the real-life species represent an even wider array of wonders. The Book of Snakes presents species of snakes from around the world, covering nearly one in six of all snake species.

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It will bring greater understanding of a group of reptiles that have existed for more than million years, and that now inhabit every continent except Antarctica, as well as two of the great oceans. This volume pairs spectacular photos with easy-to-digest text. It is the first book on these creatures that combines a broad, worldwide sample with full-color, life-size accounts.

The text is written for laypeople and includes a glossary of frequently used terms. Herpetologists and herpetoculturists alike will delight in this collection, and even those with a more cautious stance on snakes will find themselves drawn in by the wild diversity of the suborder Serpentes. The most comprehensive and easy-to-use pocket guide to the reptiles and amphibians of the world, with beautiful color photographs and authoritative text from an expert herpetologist and a biology professor specializing in amphibians.

Packed with over color photographs of more than species, this handbook is designed to enable you to recognize each species quickly and easily. A comprehensive introduction describes the anatomy, lifecycle, and behavior of the major groups of reptiles and amphibians, while the initial steps of identification are facilitated by a clear visual key. Snake is the essential visual guide to the world of serpents, featuring more than 3, species.

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With a fresh new look, updated classifications, stunning photography and amazing artworks, Snake is the most up-to-date reference for all herpetologists. Packed with fascinating facts such as physical and behavioural characteristics, with information about snake evolution, habitats, reproductive behaviour, feeding, defence and much more on 60 snakes, from the Rainbow Boa to the Tropical Rattlesnake.

Plus a complete directory lists all 3, known species of these fascinating reptiles, including venomous snakes such as cobras. The natural world experts at National Geographic present the ultimate reference book on reptiles, designed just for kids. Crawling with fascinating facts, lively text, and tons of cool, colorful, images of the weirdest and wackiest reptiles on planet Earth, it is sure to be their coveted, 1 reference.

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Josh and his family are bewildered. How did the snake get there? How do they move on? Josh is left to find his own answers.

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This is listed as a sequel but it can be read as a stand-alone, although I highly recommend the first book, The Star-Touched Queen , as well. Gauri, the princess of Bharata, is offered a chance to compete in a magical tournament with Vikram, a prince of the neighboring land and sworn enemy.

Steamy romance!

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The graying fields where what is thought to be right and wrong fades into mist! This is a lush fantasy based in Chinese folklore. It is set in the ancient Kingdom of Xia and tells the story of Skybright, a young girl who by day is the companion to the youngest daughter of a wealthy family.

However, she also struggles with an inner darkness at night, leading to a fight to retain her sense of self despite learning of her foreboding destiny. Yet another gorgeous snake book cover! The series begins with Three Dark Crowns and tells the story of triplet sisters who are bound to battle for their island kingdom once they turn sixteen.

What they find is unsettling: Alex all alone and the ramshackle hotel deserted, apart from the nest of snakes in the attic. You had me at deserted hotel and snakes in the attic. This will check the box for those of you looking for a historical fiction fix! Set in 19th century England, Cora Seaborne is a widow who takes an interest in rumors that the mythical Essex serpent has returned. Searborne is an amateur naturalist and goes to investigate the sightings herself. There she meets the local vicar, Will Ransome, who believes the sightings are simply local moral panic, and the lack of faith.

I am so here for this cover design and for this book. Sigourney is ambitious and powerful: she has the ability to manipulate and reads minds.

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When the childless king of the islands declares that he will choose his successor from amongst eligible noble families, Sigourney uses her powers to set her revenge in motion. This epic fantasy read explores and peels away the layers of privilege and power.

The Little Snake is beautiful fable and tells the story of Mary, who befriends a small golden snake named Lanmo when she was a child. Ninth House is one of the most anticipated books of the year, and rightfully so. Alex is the sole survivor of a multiple homicide, and while in the hospital, is offered a chance to attend Yale University on a full ride.

There is already fan art of this book, and some of it features snakes, so….

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And there you have it, you lovers of snake books, you serpentine readers, you Slytherin prefects, and you sassy, slithering word wizards!