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I surely do not think so, but I guess it is either they are taken, broke or they are not interested in some of our deluded, high time and semi-educated celebrities. According to GhanaCelebrities. With one already threatening to finish the career of the other, it certainly must be resolved.

According to our sources, a mutual friend of Mzbel and Yvonne Nelson had a private conversation with the former about the way Yvonne Nelson is desperate to get notice by Nigerian artiste Ice Prince, her intention to catch him as her man and other nasty things which Yvonne has said about other female celebrities. After the loud fight, GhanaCelebrities.

Com is told that, Mzbel tried to explain to Yvonne Nelson over phone as to the private conversation she had, what she actually said and the lies which have been added. The gate to the spiritual pathway is narrow and, once through it, the way itself is a crushing experience. Anyone who has walked this way can bear witness to that. The genuine spiritual life is not at all attractive to the superficial dilettante, for the old ways of thinking and being must be broken down and a completely new self built up.

One will find oneself living with a continual desire for purity and a deep sense of repentance if one falls short of that. There is the need for total dedication and comparatively few people are really serious about personal change and spiritual revelation.

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The reason that the genuine spiritual pathway is so difficult, afflicted, crushing and pressed-in on all sides is because it involves nothing less than the breaking up and breaking down of the elements of falsehood and impurity which one has acquired over a lifetime, whether that has been a short life or a long one. This is what is being portrayed in the image which accompanies this article at the top of the page.

A religious husk is of no relevance or help to the genuine spiritual pilgrim. Similarly, the kinds of false spirituality propagated by New Age moneymakers, phoney Eastern gurus, false teachers, false messiahs, false prophets will all be seen for what they are and entirely rejected. You will see through so much that needs to be broken and made to fall away — which is absolutely necessary if one is to grow as an awake, transformed human being pledged in discipleship to the Christ and a follower of His Light.

In fact, you will see through so much both within and around you that there will eventually be nothing left except that which is real. It will hurt like hell, but the genuine devotee will love it! There is a veil of falsehood which lies over the mind of the unawake unwoke! In this life, nothing is what it seems. This is real stuff and not just fantasy. This is the very heart of what life in this fallen cosmos is all about. The only solution for this world is divine salvation, not human environmental intervention!

For there is far more involved in the destruction of this world than environmental negligence. As I mentioned in the opening paragraph of this article, there is a spiritual battle which has been taking place from the beginning, and only through being transformed by the divine Light of the Christ can one start to understand it.

But I will say more about this later on below.

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It is extremely unnerving when one awakens spiritually, because one realises that virtually everything propagated by humans on this planet and even within oneself is fake. You may find that to be a shocking statement but if you examine it carefully and without prejudice, you will realise that it is true. Fake media, fake television, fake promises, fake politicians, wars based on fake premises, fake smiles everywhere, fake advertisements, fake fidelity, fake products, fake marriages, fake appearances, fake philanthropy, fake contracts, with masses of scams and frauds based on fakery.

Mostpeople wear a mask and hide behind a plethora of disguises. Hollywood is the ultimate factory of fakery! My role on this earth is not to make you or me feel comfortable and cosy with all that fakery. It is my solemn duty to expose the masks, disguises, lies and deception in the world and to point the way to Truth and reality.

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Beware though… once your own fakery is falling away and you begin to see through the fakery of this world, you will be a declared enemy of the state and of religious people and anyone else who seeks to control or destroy, whether human or demonic. Your very existence will be a threat. So be warned.

Mask-wearers do not take kindly to being unmasked, as we know from personal experience! The genuinely spiritual person will begin to see through the dark madness of this present world in all its barbaric debasement and dishonour.

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If one has no spiritual insight, and no belief in anything beyond what can be seen with the eyes — and therefore is without the Light of the Christ — then that is rightly how this life and world appears: A meaningless charade. For example, until one understands what is really at work in human affairs — a process which is rooted in a realm of satanic darkness beyond the imaginings of most — then one will indeed merely be an actor in a Theatre of the Absurd, participating in all its insanity, mostly without even realising it.

Though, one must beware of merely beginning to wake up to seeing that this world is rooted in deception without having the much-needed spiritual awakening to handle that. Otherwise, one will be overcome with depression and despondency. This happens to many, who merely become obsessed with conspiracies and imagine that those conspiracies can somehow be overcome by protest or some kind of righteous human activity. The realm of darkness which I mentioned above controls people individually through their unsanctified impulses, motivations, screwed-upnesses and actions.

But it also operates globally through controlling the political and governmental affairs of this world. To imagine that world affairs operate independently of the realm of darkness is the height of naivety. For there is an unelected power-elite a secret global conglomerate of great darkness which controls all national governments, thus making elections, prime ministers and presidents mere window-dressing which conceals the real governance.

It is this which lies behind the seeding of a kingdom of darkness on earth. This is what history has really been about from start to finish: the onslaught of darkness against the powers of the Light. This is not to say that this is some dualistic battle of equals hammering it out in the cosmic boxing ring with an uncertain outcome. Not at all! I have said this before, and I will say it many times again: The realm of darkness, although thinking it is autonomous, is actually a useful tool of the powers of the Light to shape history and redeem souls.

Sex, Lies, Animosity & Fight…Yvonne Nelson & Mzbel On Each Others Neck Over A Man!

The power structure of this world, as the vehicle for the establishing of the dark kingdom mentioned above, currently operates on a number of different levels. Externally, one has governments, military organisations, corporations and international bankers manipulating and pulling the strings.

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At the back of all that, there are the elite dynasties — aristocratic family lines of the world which secretly control the direction of global affairs e. Digging into all this is to unearth a cesspit of darkness and degradation. History is decidedly not what it is widely believed to be. I mean really mess with it. They have so many ways of doing this, of which most people are blissfully unaware. In recent times, it is clear that the manufacture of Brexit and the election of Donald Trump have formed a major part of their global Psyops about which I have written extensively elsewhere.

Gaslighting happens frequently in interpersonal relationships. But gaslighting is also how society functions in general. Advertisements are classic forms of gaslighting. For example, a cereal product stuffed unhealthily full of sugar is marketed as being a health supplement by packaging which portrays a beautiful scene in nature with farmboys ploughing fields with horses and infinite meadows of wildflowers.

The media continually gaslights the public. For example, a whistleblower is portrayed on the news as a nasty, selfish degenerate. The people are gaslighted by governments and the media into imagining they are free, autonomous, and living in a democracy; when the very reverse is true. They are gaslighted into thinking that wars are initiated to bring peace and democracy to other lands. Even Brexit also has all the fingerprints of a well-designed Psyop, causing a huge amount of division and political buffoonery, the fallout of which has been huge.

One can say that elections, too, are clear Psyops and gaslighting, as people are fooled into imagining that they are choosing their rulers.

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A dumber idea cannot be conceived! If you look with insight at the development of society, you will see that it is largely based on lies, deception and manipulation. Consummate satanic manipulation.

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And so I say this: The business of the genuinely spiritual human is Truth and the dismantling or exposing of falsehood in all its forms. The disciple of Christ functions in this world as a kind of prophet in the forthtelling sense — telling it like it is, refusing to be conformed to this world, and acting as a barometer of integrity and authenticity.

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The genuinely spiritual human is therefore the ultimate dissident in the midst of a corrupt and fallen world. The ekklesia the true church is counterculture and not at all conformist to world culture! One cannot claim to proclaim spiritual truth with any credibility if one either ignores or gives the nod to institutionalised corruption of any kind.