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Morrison J. The origin of Plato's philosopher-statesman. Rabinowitz W.

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Aristoteles' Protrepticus and the Sources of its Reconstruction. Los Angeles: I. Berkeley, Rodes E. Die Quellen des Iamblichus in seiner Biographie des Pythagoras. Rostagni A. II verbo di Pitagora. Aristotele e Aristotelismo nella storia dell' Estetico antico, Stud. Scritti minori I: Aestetica.

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Spoerri W. Tannery P.

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Pour l'histoire de la science hellene Paris. Taylor A.

Varia Socratica I. Wehrli F.

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A printable resource This lesson challenges students to apply Pythagoras' Theorem to explore a practical real-world problem. Students explore technology reliant on mathematical concepts. The lesson is outlined in detail including curriculum links, vocabulary, materials needed, sample answers, discussion points and student resources such as This lesson challenges students to use Pythagoras' Theorem to solve a problem from an ancient Chinese text.

They make physical models of the problem and use this to construct a graph. They use algebra skills associated with binomial expansions and simplification of fractions to show that the general solution given in the Search Scootle Keywords Topics Advanced search.

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Search results. Refine results by Year level All levels F-2 Refine by source Shared resources [1]; Web resources [14]; Classroom resources [11]; Teacher reference materials [4];. Sort: Relevance Title Recently updated Popularity. View details View resource. Pythagoras's theorem: proof TLF-ID S This learning object includes animations of transformational geometry and algebraic proofs of Pythagoras's theorem.

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A second characteristic of the way of life that he propounded was the fact that he attached great importance to dietary rules. There is no evidence concerning these rules before Aristotle, but both he and Aristoxenus make detailed references.

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Unfortunately, once again we are faced with contradictions in the accounts and so are unable to draw any safe conclusions. There are those who claim that Pythagoras was an advocate of vegetarianism, based on his belief in the reincarnation of souls. Eudoxus, a fourth-century mathematician and philosopher, relates that Pythagoras not only abstained from the eating of meat, but also avoided butchers and hunters.

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  7. Aristotle, however, relates that the Pythagoreans refrain from eating certain kind of offal e. Apart from dietary rules, the sacrifice of animals was a common practice in ancient Greek religious worship.

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