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This was 2 years before Daisy was born. Interestingly, Peter and Susan Susanna were first cousins, their fathers were brothers. I do remember my mother talking about the Dieter family — particularly a Bill Dieter. However, my mother died in , so no more information there.

Hello again Alice. Bill Deiter was my father s brother.

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He also had brothers. Charles Lawrence Yank Woodrow Donald Author my father was Gordon and sister Alice and Elsie Margaret Deiter is still living in carsonville she was married to Woodrow how interesting to learn of the past and relatives and that cousins married I suppose was not unheard of wish I would have sought this information when I was younger and spoke about it with my parent and grandparents Please continue to keep me updated in any info I believe we have a long line of descendent s and are related indeed how fascinating have a friend who does civil war renactnebts and has helped do researchin Thomas Hoffman Medal of Honor wanted to attend the reunion last week but was out of town did u attend?

Recently received a postcard invitation to the st annual reunion of the John Peter Hoffman Association of Lykens Valley, Pennsylvania. Saturday, August 1, , St. Is the Hoffman family monument along Short Mountain Rd?

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Is it where the family burial plot is? I just happened to stumble across this article on the monument and had to leave a reply. Her daughter Susie was my grandmother. I remember as a child driving by the monument in the field, and my grandma Susie telling me that a relative was buried there. So, with the help of my daughter-in-law, I have decided to do a little research :. She was born in and died in at the age of She had one daughter, my grandmother, Cora Krebs.

Our great-great grandparents were first cousins, so we are doubly Hoffmans. Hi Alice!

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Thank you for the reply to my comment. I do have a facebook page, and if you would like to keep in touch, just send me a friend request. I have fond childhood memories of my great- grandmother Daisy and the trips to Carsonville to see her. The information that I have on her family is very limited. I have learned a lot in just reading the posts. Hi Brenda. My names is Debra Hughes. Alice I am Gordy Deiter s youngest daughter. Daisy was my father s mother and my Grandmother we lived in Lykens in North street. I now reside in. Tower City. I have a Sister Donna I had other siblings. Dorithy Sherrie and Gordy Jr who are now deciesed.

Hello all. I and my Sister are directly related to John Peter Hoffman on our maternal side. Our great grandmother was Anna Virginia Hoffman. All are in storage at this time as I am moving, however would love to be in touch will all of you. If there is a Hoffman reunion in the future, we would love to be informed of such. Email Address.

First, a few words about John Peter Hoffman. The inscription on the monument reads: John Peter Hoffman, Pioneer. Share this: Twitter Facebook. December 22, at pm.

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Bryanna says:. September 8, at pm. Michelle Shreffler says:. September 19, at pm. Glenn Shreffler says:. September 21, at pm. November 10, at pm.

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