God of Adventure: Exploring How God Teaches Through Adventure and Calls Us to do the Same

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In God of Adventure Bruce Dunning proposes 19 principles from the Bible that outline the validity, core concepts and teaching approaches of Christian adventure learning. A book has been written for adventure learning leaders that is grounded in Scripture. This well-researched and highly readable text will be a valuable resource for Christian educators desiring a stronger theological basis for their practice. Bruce Dunning has crafted a solid biblical treatise for adventure learning with great applications to ministry and personal life.

It is valuable reading for any youth worker or Christian educator who is willing to go beyond the normative approaches to the teaching-learning paradigm in helping young people become all that God first created them to be. Its mission is to use adventure and community to challenge young people to continually say "yes" to God. Bruce also has extensive experience within the world-wide Christian camping movement. Specifications Publisher Essence Publishing Canada.

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of the Best Mountain Quotes about Epic Journeys Outdoors

See more details at Online Price Match. Email address. I regret that our sport hit the mainstream doing mph and totally unprepared for the havoc that was about to be wrought. Maybe they could have done, or said, or pushed for something that would change the reality of where we are right now. Nor does it matter now. Our sport has fundamentally changed, leaped the tracks you might even say, and nothing short of a wholesale reckoning is going to change that.

We BECAME The MOST WANTED Outlaws in The Wild West.. (ROBLOX)

Whatever words I might have conjured then would and do ring utterly hollow today, as we veer recklessly toward an unsustainable future. I know better than to think that this little essay is going to be widely read. Reading online did not fully convey the amazing photos and long articles that fill this thick and sturdy journal.

Well done. Subscribe here! This is an excellent, thought provoking essay, and hit close to home for me. I am a Southern California cyclist but my son attended Colorado Mesa University, so I have spent my vacations over the last few years riding both my road and mountain bikes through this area and I can say that it is an incredible place to ride. I hear ya. Their ignorance disgusts me.

Is already happening with rock climbing I am afraid and has been for a number of years with popular climbing spots becoming trashed, guess we will end up swopping our arseholes with yours. People were riding for fast times and cutting corners and avoiding technical routes forever. We are just on a wave of popularity that may fade and hopefully leave behind a lot of great trails in the wake.

I disagree. We are teaching this! It seems like you started mountain biking around the time that I quit for the same reasons. After a 25 year break and now living in Vermont, I bought a new bike and the oddessey continues. The forest is quiet and empty.

Also, as society changes and the population grows, these hobbies and sports will culturally change, also. If you go about expecting everyone around you to validate your sensibilities and aesthetic preferences, you are going to have a frustrating time with life, or at least understanding people. If you are having this experience like the one the author mentioned, it may be time to live or at least bike in an area where there are less people. I am still getting a ton of exercise, some big hits of adrenaline, and hanging with friends in beautiful environments.

If anything has changed, I am able to ride more technical stuff with six inches of front and back travel, hydraulic breaks, and wide, luggy tires. Look to the trees, weather and mountains to validate who you are and create your experience. Written like someone who has never built a trail nor done a day of maintenance, beyond assuming his wheels are some sort of magic trail balm.

Mark — where I live in metro Detroit, the scene is completely opposite. Alright, here is the deal. It is times easier today for an average rider to ride 10 times faster down a trail because of what bikes have evolved to today. Because of this change which that old etiquette never took into account, it is not possible nor sustainable to continue and expect the enforcement of such etiquette. The circumstances have changed, and thus rules and etiquette much also change and evolve. Because of what a modern long travel dual suspension bike can do today, the etiquette must be modified to take this into consideration.

Just like no roadie biker will be stopped by the cops because he is riding his bicycle 30mph on a 15mph. Just like when a Car must yield to a Freight train, because of simple physics which state that a train cannot stop as quickly as a car can. A rider blasting down a trail on a modern bike, will not be able to stop nor move as easily as a rider climbing up. All a climbing rider has to do is put one foot down and lean towards the side. This take less than 0.


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The down riding rider should reduce speed, to safely pass but cannot be forced to stop. If you force to stop a down riding biker than you too are eroding and creating excessive ware and tare on the trails by most likely having the high speed average rider skid over the trails to try and come to a full stop. It is UNSAFE to even think that you are forcing a down riding biker to come to a full stop the second they see a rider coming up the trail.

Today, physics is what guides etiquette.

Prayer Network Ministries

Not just an opinion of who should do what. The rider who exerts the least amount of energy to move out of the way, is the one who MUST yield. It is not being an asshole, it is following what physics dictates as SAFER, whether you like it or not. Climbing riders shall yield to down riding bikers, and down riding biker shall slow down to safely pass a climbing rider. Then go back on your time machine and ride back then.

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  7. Today, this is the rule. And your conclusions are certainly not the rule, nor even in consideration. Because the bikes are more capable does not change the rules. If anything, because bikes are capable of such great speeds and control it is even more incumbent upon the rider to be aware of and able to stop on a dime — you never know who, or what, is just over that rise or around that blind corner.

    Also, because of the increased control afforded by suspension and tires, it is easier than ever for riders to stop when descending. And not just safety, respect. The reason that almost all of us ride is to achieve a sense of flow in the outdoors, and descending is single most important aspect of that — to ask that a fellow biker interrupt that so that I can continue my climb unabated is ridiculous.

    I know why they are there, and I respect that. To do otherwise just makes you a complete asshole. That said, this is a courtesy that I and others extend situationally. Which means the time-tested rules of downhill traffic yielding apply. The Rules of the Trail have not been rescinded because of your entitlement delusions.

    2 Corinthians 2:14

    All I could do is slow down marginally without crashing, and the upward bound riders knew this and yielded. And, they were walking. It was really steep. I have to share my local trails with equestrian, hunters, hikers, runners, dog walkers, hand cyclists, kids doing stunts, families going for their first real off road ride and more. It is an amazing way to use the public state park where I am and I love it. Everyone has to share and be aware of everyone else.

    It is easy, way too easy to forget what it is like to experience that first moment of excitement and exhilaration you get when you first start riding. I never see any skills clinics or lessons being offered by the skilled long time riders. There is ninjaskills or something that comes through on occasion.