Frankie Knucklers Escape (Days of the dog pound)

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Currently Morales is focusing on his Def Mix Music label. Though continuing to DJ around the world David has embraced the new technology which allows him to create and remix music on the road. His experience and knowledge has not gone unnoticed. David finds himself on a new journey exploring, learning and experiencing a different segment of the entertainment business. David is also known as one of the most versatile DJs currently on the scene. My identity is my culture in music. I took her back to the shelter for behaviors checks etc and with a heavy heart was about to pass her to another more experienced foster when Gracie bit my adult daughter who visited.

It was not a bad bite but the shelter had their rule.

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She loved me, I loved her and she became my protector. Re; Vera Stewart and her engish cocker. It seems to be a cocker thing! He is also very hyper , so much so he suffer from exercise induced collapse. He would run until he dropped. He does well with the exchange program and luckily, he only guards from the other dogs, not people.

We also work on give and take often to reinforce the best choice for him. Love the breed!

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Hope all works for your cocker. They are such a loving breed!

“Church of the Poison Mind”

I volunteer with a rescue group and on the Christmas eve of I had the task of taking one of our foster dogs to be euthanized for aggression. I had never met the dog personally before this day and though he engaged with me a little it was obvious he was looking for another dog to connect with he was anxious and nervous. The dog in question had basically been a feral puppy who was friendly. But he just did not want to be with people not the way most dogs do. He preferred the company of dogs. He was returned to our group for just not connecting with the owners. He was then put in a boarding situation which only made things worse.

After several weeks in boarding trying to find him a suitable foster home things came to a head. He had showed no aggression towards people at all but then bit one of the kennel workers. We had no foster home for him to go to. Its Christmas eve everyone is out of town or with family and the boarding facility could not keep him any longer with his current behavior. I knew deep in my heart someone could have helped this dog. I still feel I should have helped this dog regardless of my sanity or that of my personal dogs. I know he may never have been the type of dog to curl up on the couch with you.

But he could have been the type of dog to curl up with another dog in the home. The worst part was the drive from the boarding facility to the vets office. He laid his head on my shoulder the whole way to the vet. My heart just broke.

I sat there in the vet parking lot for at least 20 minutes, trying to figure out a way to foster him myself. I was going out of town the next week and where would he go? A boarding facility was out of the question obviously. No one in the group had room or could manage another dog with his issues.

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Logically I had no options for him and neither did the rescue. So he and I walked into the only solution I had, the vets office. They had a special room for when they euthanized dogs. I sat down on the floor with him he was anxious of course but they gave him something to relax him first and he finally laid down beside me. I stroked his head while they gave him the second shot.

David Morales

Slowly his little chest stopped moving up and down and he was gone. I hated rescue on that day. I know that what I did was the right thing for that dog at that time. Even if we found another boarding facility that would take him for a time he would have been miserable. The kindest thing for him with the resources we had was to put him to sleep. It was extremely difficult as it should be and it still haunts me and probably always will. I carry his dog tag on my key chain to this day so that I never forget his little face or his head on my shoulder or what could have been.

Either the owner keeps the dog or a trainer who has been working with the dog takes it in. Accidents happen and your children will pay the price 5 if the dog is not human aggressive but is instead dangerously animal aggressive, can you again micro manage the dogs every breath and make sure it never so much as sees another animal? I have been a professional trainer for only 2 yrs now and really enjoy helping ppl and dogs. Aggressive dogs can be a lot to deal with.

Peter Pettigrew

However, often times I find the issue to be lack of rules, discipline and or exercise. Before I entered into the training world I got a Border Collie and as a new owner did not know the importance of a daily walk. I never had the issues that many ppl speck of that reflect in a dog that is not walked. One day I realizes that from the day 1 I brought my pup home I was excited and teaching him tricks. Almost a new one every week and then a lot of controlled fetch also.

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He always was asked to use his mind and this made for a great dog. If anyone has a high energy dog, scared or aggressive dog please have a train or trainers look them over before you make your decision. Some trainers like ourselves offer free evaluations. Take advantage of this to see how the trainer interacts with your dog, how they train and how they can be of service to you.

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  • Happy Training. I truly believe it has to be one of the hardest situations to be in and my heart and admiration goes out to all of you who have dealt with it bravely no matter what was decided as the solution. I did have a friend a while ago who had adopted a mix-breed from the shelter as an 8 week old puppy. By the time I met her, the dog had already been showing signs of aggression, mostly towards her.

    She had been bitten quite a few times, but she loved this dog so desperately that she was in a kind of denial. While all of her friends she lived alone were telling her to get rid of the dog, she kept saying she could handle it. She had many behaviorist work with the dog and he had been on multiple medications. He had the kind of aggression that seemed to come out of nowhere that now makes you believe it was some sort of seizure.

    He laid beside the bed and growled at her every time she tried to get up. Dare I compare it to living with an abusive spouse? It certainly looked like it, even to the point where she would hide her wounds from her friends because she knew that they would get on her case. Anyway, she eventually did put him down when he viciously attacked a visitor to her house and only then was she convinced that she had no choice.

    I love to watch and read true crime stories yes, a guilty pleasure. After a while you do come to believe that some people are just wired differently. I never put myself or him in a situation that cannot be controlled. He is a rat terrier mix and although small, can be quite intimidating to other humans or dogs.

    We have made some progress and this will be a lifetime challenge I think.

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