DBAs Guide to Databases Under Linux

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The oracle-validated RPM package already does all the arrangements for you of dependencies during the installation of Oracle in an Enterprise Linux 5. However, the latest versions of this package have been demanding as a prerequisite the uek-kernel, which limited the installation only in Oracle Linux 5 distribution.

In this topic, we will learn how …. Made with by Graphene Themes. Toggle search form. Category: Linux for Database Linux for Database. Use it for test … Continue reading. You are mapping port on host to port of the container, but SQL is listening on the port in the container.

Microsoft’s Entrance to the Linux Arena

Why does you assign the ? Hi Jose, I wanted readers to see that you do have the option to map the port, not that I was changing the port. You are correct that its listening on Compliant Database DevOps. Standardize team-based development Automate database deployments Monitor performance and availability Protect and preserve data. Development Operations IT Management. Home SQL. History Lesson There were a few stops and starts before Linux came to be the monolith we know today. Getting Your Linux Going As this series of articles are published, it will be important that you have a way to do some hands on with Linux, not just read about this powerful operating system.

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Jose Antonio. Related articles Also in automate Unit Testing, Databases, and You As database changes are added to the DevOps pipeline, unit testing of those changes becomes crucial. In this article, Adam Hafner describes unit testing and how it applies to databases. She demonstrates usings aliases, setting up environment variables, and examining processes.

Tags automate. You can store all this information in a single database—but that can require extra work and overhead to convert the data into a usable format for specific applications.

Linux and Solaris Recipes for Oracle DBAs

Instead, you can store the information in a database best suited for that type of data. Forcing one database to handle a workload it wasn't designed to handle can degrade performance and cause other problems. The more issues you can design out before launching products or services, the less chance there is of a future catastrophe.

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This means, for example, a financial-trading application developer requires DBAs and database engineers to architect a database that scales easily and avoids problems with latency. To do this, they need to work closely with the developers to write better, more efficient database calls and construct a database that reduces lag to near zero. So, do you still need DBAs? The changing database landscape doesn't eliminate the need for database expertise: It moves the focus of that expertise closer to the design and development side of the application.

Someone needs to not only design and tune the database to support the application, but that person must also understand how to build the modular pieces available in the cloud into a cohesive, scalable unit that meets the needs of the application and the company. This means there are much higher impacts and clearer ROIs realized from efficient database expertise. As the database landscape evolves, valuable DBAs will be less focused on fix-it solutions and more focused on strategy and planning solutions.

DBAs will be asked how the database can contribute to the overall business goals of the company and what solutions there are to help meet those goals.


A Zombie's Survival Guide in a Changing Database World

They will need to help application developers create database calls that not only make sense now but will work at scale. With new technology options such as cloud deployment and containerization, they will need to monitor and constantly reevaluate how applications are working with the database and how to improve performance or incorporate new features or demands from customers without affecting performance.

Finally, as more and more companies use different databases for different applications and scenarios, DBAs will need to continually keep up-to-date on new database trends and technologies in order to remain an expert source of database knowledge. Over the years at Percona, we have seen this shift as well.

The types of issues we face daily have evolved along with the database environment and the role of the DBA. More stable databases, coupled with advances in either homegrown automation or cloud-based infrastructure, reduce the likelihood of general crashing bugs due to the core database software.

Often, today's causes of outages and issues are design decisions, bad code, or odd "edge cases" that weren't considered in the initial planning.

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All of this means that the role of the DBA is moving away from simply "keeping it up and running" to a much more strategic position: The DBA is one of the experts that helps enterprises reach their strategic business goals. Today's database administrators are more than the people who keep the lights on—now they are expected to play a strategic role in achieving the business' goals.

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