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Decades since official segregation policies ended, Hispanic residents now make up more than half the population in Ford, Finney and Seward counties.

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The other 27 are white. Some local groups want to make a shift by recruiting more Hispanic candidates in hopes that those who govern will look more like those they govern.

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Although expenses and time may prevent some people from running for office, first-generation Hispanic Americans may face a different set of challenges. Mendoza says culture plays a part.

He said Hispanic families long relied on religious fate to solve problems, and that that created a passiveness when it came to public life. A new Pew Research study shows that Latino voter turnout nationally out almost doubled from the previous midterm election year in — from 6.

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Kay Burtzloff is president of the coalition. She also chairs the Seward County Democrats. The coalition received a grant that aims to get more community members involved in the political process , and elected to office.

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The numbers showed Latino voters cast ballots early and turned out in larger numbers. She said Latino residents may not feel like they have support to run for office.

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Fred Armisen is one of the most diversely talented performers working today with credits that run the gamut from acting, producing, and writing in both comedy and music. Portlandia received prestigious Peabody Award for excellence in The critically- acclaimed show recently finished its sixth season, and the seventh season will begin airing next year. The show is a curated series of half-hour documentaries and biopics, each about a completely fictitious subject.

The show is returning for its second season later this year. Meyers is an executive producer for the series along with Armisen and Hader, who play all of the primary roles.

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The channel launched in early January and includes a weekly short-form premium comedy series and other topical video and editorial content. He was also seen in the smash kids show Yo Gabba Gabba on Nickelodeon and did voice over guest spots on Archer and Chozen. It could not be more transparent. Instead, it places the viewer in a position of actively rooting for a Spanish-speaking mother of three to relapse into addiction, so the nice white couple can keep her kids.

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  • The sincerity is palpable, but a throwaway line from Spencer does not absolve the societal dysfunction on display, nor does the Herculean comedic lift of so many fine actresses. Rating: PG for thematic elements, sexual material, language and some drug references.

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