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There were some that I dated romantically. Some that became good friends who I had over to dinner.

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Some became great friends who met my friends and vice-versa, and some even became housemates! The lesson being, you have no idea what impact someone can have on your life, or what they could become, until you meet them. A few weeks into the strangers experiment, I found that meeting one new person would often lead to introductions to one, two, or even three more strangers.

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What increased this refer-a-friend phenomenon was being generous in my own introductions. In other words, to attract new friends, connect friends. This requires being a little braver.

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Similar to dating, meeting new people for friendship or connection opens us up to rejection. Previously quick to say no to invitations as an introvert-default, I now have a rule that if someone new, or someone interesting asks you to do something, say yes.

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Remarkably and without actively seeking them, some of my most lucrative writing jobs and opportunities have flowed through a stranger I met in this experiment. I also found a dream room in a dream share house on the dream street in Melbourne through a stranger-turned-housemate. Opportunities do not float like clouds in the sky.

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Despite having completed my year of strangers experiment and now well into , I continue to meet on average one new person each week. Who we interact with, who we form friendships with, and who we offer generosity to, return it. Our world expands, and so does our luck. You'll also receive our most recent interviews, musings, experiments and inspiration in our regular newsletter.

Interviews Experiments Musings About. There will be a ripple effect A few weeks into the strangers experiment, I found that meeting one new person would often lead to introductions to one, two, or even three more strangers. What you don't see is the endless hours of self-doubt, every moment you've decided you're going to fail before you even begin, every photo you don't post because you feel inadequate - too fat, too little makeup, too hideous.

For WorldMentalHealthDay know that doubt is ok, you're not alone and taking time to look after yourself is important. If you ever need someone to talk to, I'm here. They were my first client. At first, Jennifer worked as a freelance business consultant but she soon saw a gap in the market.

It’s not about the journey or the destination, it’s about the people you meet along the way.

She said: "Nine months in I got an offer from Rolls-Royce to create a YouTube channel and content for the RAF birthday, from someone who'd recommended me personally. We've moved to Shoreditch now.

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Unlike other influencer-led agencies, Jennifer focuses on YouTube not Instagram and works with brands to create advertising concepts, produce videos and get them seen online. I realised we needed to scale up, to work with bigger brands, because otherwise people will walk all over you. Despite creating a successful company from nothing, Jennifer says still she's terrified by the speed things are growing at. Very happy Jenny in Qatar.

There is a lot of chat about the impressive and exciting side of being an entrepreneur.