Burnt, Man (Wed Give It Away If We Could)

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The Change I'm Seeking

Peat soil, which characterises much of the affected areas, is highly flammable, causing localised fires to spread and making them difficult to stop. Many blame big business. A good proportion of the rest are on or near land used by palm oil producers. Others look away from the big corporations for blame.

Global corporations operating in the area also blame smallholders and under-the-radar companies. The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil, which counts many big palm oil businesses as members, has consistently said that the instances of fire on certified palm plantations in the affected region which number measure in single digits. Ending the practice of slash and burn is vital. Companies — big and small - must be held to account, before the law and the market, if found culpable.

Smallholders need assistance and incentives to pursue alternative, less harmful practices of forest management.

Brush fire starts near end point of police chase

Meanwhile processors and buyers often fail to pay smallholders a fair price, something the signatories to the Sustainable Palm Oil Manifesto which claims to go beyond RSPO certification standards have pledged to correct. Many big firms, such as palm producer Wilmar and timber giant APP, have signed zero-deforestation pledges in recent years.

But the real test comes in pushing their commitments beyond the boundary fences of their plantations and down into their supply chains, where smaller firms operate with less public scrutiny. Many are calling on the Indonesian government to step up.

2. The Truest Capture

The tricky bit is enforcement. And of course, this system only works with farmers who own the land, not those invading virgin or indigenous lands. But the beauty of such a program is that it weaponizes money, the only language capitalism speaks. And it can work in concert with other efforts. The Nature Conservancy, for instance, has trained cattle ranchers in Brazil to switch to farming cacao.

In fact, planting cacao can actually boost local biodiversity. And theoretically, farmers could earn a living growing cacao and get paid not to deforest their land. Meanwhile, indigenous peoples in Brazil continue to lose land to emboldened deforesters—politics and capitalism combining to form an existential horror show. Staff Writer Twitter. Featured Video.

Topics environment. The first two are still part of my long term plan, but one day I think it would be fun to have a sports car.

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Three months ago, I was experiencing a definite case of burnout. Being on staff at a decent-sized, growing and thriving church had me at the edge of work balance overload. After some prayer and coming across this article, I realized for my situation the best thing to do was step away from the ministry that meant so much to me, in order to heal. Three months later, here I am… doing much better after rest and time off, and part of another amazing church ministry but on a bit smaller scale which is helping me slowly get acclimated again.

Fantastic advice. One of the biggest causes for my dilemma has been criticisms. Bless you for your honesty and your advice. Please rule out underlying issues such as Diabetes, Thyroid, Auto immune disorders….. Life coaching is awesome…. Faith is the best medicine! Be realistic about your ability to give of yourself ….

You know when to stop pouring your morning coffee before your cup runs over…..

Burn Relief with Yellow Mustard | National Mustard Museum

Sometimes our cups are too big…… Scale it down….. Take care of you! You are the most important person….. I think you might want to reread 7 in your blog. Thanks for this, Carey. I find myself in each of the signs except self-medication. Same goes for my wife. We each have a counselor, which helps.

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I resonated with far too many of those signs a few years ago. Perhaps you can relate […]. I am about to go on a four-week sabbatical. I became very worn out after allowing years of opposition to get to my heart and head. I take the blame for allowing that to happen.

I was curious if you had any recommendations for organizations that come alongside and help pastors recover from burnout. Carey, Thanks for the transparency and honesty as well as the helpful tips. I too have been to burnout and back. I did get great help from Care for Pastors in FL, they were awesome. However, I sense myself slipping back and headed to it again.

I need to give myself permission to continue healing. Precisely my question as well. Even if and as we seek healing, support, balance, and begin to prayerfully discern ways we can more wisely steward our time and energy…the external pressures and locomotive or bullet train?

Burn Relief with Yellow Mustard

Very hard to heal slowly while the system chugs on. Thanks for a great article. I printed it off. I do believe the drain of ministry creeps us very slowly. This article was like my blood test: it revealed what was right and what was not. I ran my fourth Half Marathon of my life this summer and run about 20 miles a week. It is good for the soul!

Right now would be the perfect time for me to take the course mid to late June. We are in a good place financially, and this month is always a time of rest after our crazy April and May. Early October and Early January are also good times. Is there any way you could make it available for purchase all year round?

It has changed how I spend my time by helping me stay focused on my priorities without being sidetracked with things that just keep me busy. Purchase it when it available whether you are in a busy season or not and go through it at your own pace. The first three sessions will help you immensely with your time.

Oh how this is where I am now! I have spent the last eight years in hospice ministry. The company got bought out and everyone one by one quit or was fired. I was presented with a responsibility that covered a two hour drive by another two hour drive. I was exhausted. I came home every night burned and self medicated. Finally, after a 10 hour day 60 to 70 percent driving in the country, I saw a news story and my anger about all of my colleagues of several years now gone, I blew. One of her devotees said she would ruin me. She sent a copy of my posting, hopefully not adding to it, to my local bishop.

I was helping in another diocese twice month. I was suspended. Did I deserve it. Because of church directives, the bishop had to send this info to a neighboring diocese and I was license was revoked.

Bleed It Out (Official Video) - Linkin Park

The final straw was when it was sent to my canonical diocese and I received a stern rebuke fueled by another assisting bishop who had hurt me and my family terribly.