35 Money-Making Businesses With Low Start-Up Costs

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Hence, you can be the one to provide them.

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The industry is growing steadily as arts, drawing, and writing among the kids is gaining more and more importance. It is among the woodworking business ideas that give good profit margin.

Wooden beer crate is an item that sells well. The making process is very simple. However, you must build friendly relations with the related people to make more money out of your business. Though the use of steel utility is on the increase nowadays, however, some wooden utilities are always preferred. Hence, you could fulfill the demand of the people who want wooden utilities.

Some of the popular utility items you would make are spoons, mugs, trays, bowls, cabinets, cutting boards, and chopsticks etc. It is another woodworking business idea that has good profit potential. Many building and construction projects need the services of woodworkers. It may be for decorating homes through the ceiling, using wood components to hold aluminum sheets, or putting cupboards in the wall etc.

How to Start a Business: 13 Steps to Get Your Business Up and Running

You can start this business in your local area. The more people know you, the better for you and your business. It usually works better in places where construction is ongoing. One of the most profitable woodworking business ideas is wooden furniture making. Wooden furniture makes a part of almost every home. This is a big woodworking niche. One can, therefore, think of specializing in one of its parts. For example, big woodworking businesses can start making wooden tables, chairs, desk, beds, cupboards, and door etc.

On the other hand, if you want to start a small woodworking business, you can start making tables only or other furniture you like. It is better to consider the place where you want to start your business while deciding on the niche.

One of the small yet lucrative woodworking items is a candle holder. It is one of the best woodworking businesses for new entrepreneurs. What you do is to start small and grow it big step by step. Eventually, you would make your venture profitable by inclining yourself toward bigger and more profitable woodworking business. Are you living in a place where there is already stiff woodworking competition? If yes, why not open a store and earn by selling others work. You can either:. In order to be successful in this business, you must keep a variety of wood items and start your wood item selling store in a busy market.

You can do this by the following two ways:.

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There are many entrepreneurs who established their woodworking businesses online. They make awesome products, advertise them online, and sell them. Many small companies or other entrepreneurs can't afford to have a social media manager or marketing team. Starting a social media company where you manage part-time or full-time other people's accounts could be a profitable gig. In order to be a successful consultant, you need to have some sort of success in that particular field," career expert Jill Jacinto says.

As a consultant, you could help businesses make contacts, form deals and guide their strategic plan. Have experience in a particular field? Recently retired? You likely have a lot of contacts and expertise in a specific industry, which you could leverage for your own venture. PR managers work with the media, government agencies and advertisers. If you love detail and decor and don't mind the stress of dealing with last-minute changes, a wedding planning business could be a great fit.

Weddings aren't the only events that need planning. Birthdays, anniversaries, graduation parties are just a few of many events people need help organizing. This job is replacing what used to be known as the butler, experts say. A property manager looks after a household and ensures all property activities run smoothly.

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The manager would get the mail, do the laundry, stock the fridge, work with other professionals like gardeners and cleaning assistants. It's especially helpful for people who own multiple properties and don't have time to look after them. While a personal chef usually caters to smaller groups, caterers prepare meals for big events. If you're a great cook who can handle multiple meals cooking at once, you could start your own catering business.

Insurance is something you'll need at the outset with this business. If you love to work out, look into certifications you could get to become a personal trainer. If you're already certified, even better! If you're a certified accountant, you could start your own practice.

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Low-Cost Woodworking Business Ideas

Want to make some extra cash without investing a lot at the outset? Start a side hustle. VIDEO How these five guys from Staten Island hustled and landed their own TV show. The Hustle. Trending Now.